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Kiprun trail running shoes 0

Trail running shoes put to the test

Mixing up surfaces is a good way to keep a running regime fresh. So in a bid to maintain interest through the dreary winter months, I headed off-road to try...


Exercise music benefits discussed in new book

A new book, Applying Music in Exercise and Sport, provides an in-depth look at exercise music and the way tracks can be used to enhance individual, team sports and various...

For GoodnessShakes Protein Water 0

Does protein water pack a punch?

It seems not a month goes by without another fitness drink arriving onto a cluttered sports drinks market. One of the UK’s leading creators in this sector are For Goodness...

James Haskell 0

Haskell guide to rugby fitness hits mark

As Eddie Jones looks to make his mark in charge of the England rugby team, James Haskell is one player the Australian coach has already put his faith in.

Runderwear 2

Finding running comfort with Runderwear

‘Don’t Run Commando’. That was the message staring back at me as I prepared to put a pair of men’s Runderwear briefs to the test. Wow, I thought, these pants...

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