World Cup merchandise for the oddball fan

Every four years, the football World Cup arrives. Which means some great and not-so-great World Cup merchandise on offer. Here’s some of the iffiest gifts you could snap up.

Kiprun trail running shoes

Trail running shoes put to the test

  Mixing up surfaces is a good way to keep a running regime fresh. So in a bid to maintain interest through the dreary winter months, I headed off-road to...

Skid Row marathon: A run for a different purpose

A new documentary called Skid Row Marathon tells the tale of a US judge as he coaches a long-distance running club in a well-known impoverished area.

Photography basics: Great city break shots

Let’s face it, we’re all planning our next getaway from the dingy winter weather. City breaks are a great way to reinvigorate and enjoy some photography. Even if you’re purely...

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