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Kiprun trail running shoes 0

Trail running shoes put to the test

Mixing up surfaces is a good way to keep a running regime fresh. So in a bid to maintain interest through the dreary winter months, I headed off-road to try...


Christmas gifts for sports fans

There’s an increasing choice of Christmas gifts for sports fans each year. More and more outlets are catering for those keen on keeping in shape.


Sports gift ideas on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Retailers everywhere seem to be slashing their prices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so here’s a quick breakdown of just a few of the decent discounts I’ve found which...

Runderwear 2

Finding running comfort with Runderwear

‘Don’t Run Commando’. That was the message staring back at me as I prepared to put a pair of men’s Runderwear briefs to the test. Wow, I thought, these pants...

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