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Workout music trends released by Spotify

Workout music is clearly a very subjective thing. It’s not something I’ve tried much but can understand the benefits of getting a good rhythm going.

Side plank 0

Side plank struggle not to be sniffed at it

You can guarantee that if any exercise becomes even a teeny bit popular, there will be some wag who decides to put a different slant on it. This is the...


Exercises to try with a partner

While Valentine’s Day may now be a distant memory, leisure centre chain Better has devised some nifty exercises to try with a partner. Clearly if romance is still on your...

James Haskell 0

Haskell guide to rugby fitness hits mark

As Eddie Jones looks to make his mark in charge of the England rugby team, James Haskell is one player the Australian coach has already put his faith in.

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How to get fit Andreia Brazier style

Andreia Brazier was recently crowned WBFF Fitness World Champion for a fourth time in Las Vegas. While most of us like to keep our fitness up in some shape or...

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